The Protek Energy Challenge

The Protek Underfloor Air Conditioning System is a proven, extremely energy efficient system, using appreciably less energy than Fan coils or VAV. The system also adds value to the property as additional floors can be achieved without increase to the overall height of the building, due to reduced ceiling space required and most of the service floor plant rooms for air handling can be converted to additional lettable office space without major investment costs.

The Challenge

The design criteria set out below is for an actual project and the energy figures are based on actual figures achieved, measured during the follow up of energy consumption performance on Protek delivered projects.

We challenge you to put forward a design for the same structure using Fan coils or VAV that is more energy efficient than the Protek System.

This particular building was designed for 31 floors, but having used the Protek system, an extra six floors were converted from plant room** space without increase to the height of the building.

Protek Others
Net Floor area per floor : 1,950 m2 1,950 m2 1,950 m2
No. Of floors 37** 31
No. Of People 14,430 12,090
Total Outdoor Air 505,050 m3/h
** +19% lettable office area
423,150 m3/h
CO2 Control of Outdoor air volume Yes ?
Need for cooling 100 W per m2 100 W per m2
37 No. Outdoor air units (13,500 m3/h)
(Protek low pressure OA AHU units per floor in risers)
285 kW/h ?
111 No. Zone Units for indoor distribution (12,200 m3/h) 2,873 No. RAG units 256 kW/h ?
Total energy per working hour 541 kW/h ?
Say 2,500 hours/pa 1,352,500 k/Wh ?
kW/h per m2 16.83 kW/m2 ?

The challenge is to complete the blank space with proven data for VAV or Fan coils, with Central OA AHU and fan driven VAV boxes or fan driven fan coils.

There are many other reasons why the use of Protek is better value:
- More office space
- Protek includes its own web based BMS
- Total flexibility
- Etc
But we challenge you to improve on our ENERGY EFFICIENT SYSTEM!

The challenge starts on 14th March 2010.
...your response needs to be received by Protek by the end of business hours on the
30th April 2010

A prize of £1,500 will be presented to the entry which shows the LOWEST energy solution.

The Jury: An Independent panel.

The Winner will be announced on 29th May 2010.