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NHN Project
Seoul, Korea

NHN, Korea’s premier internet provider opted for an underfloor system for their new corporate headquarters building; and chose Protek’s fully integrated system including outdoor air units, zone units, underfloor mix boxes (RAG units) and the BMS to run the system.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction Ltd is the main contractor for the project.

As part of the development team, Protek also provided consulting input for the design of the overall system. Installation and commissioning of the system will be undertaken by local agent, GeoProtek, with Protek’s supervision.

C-G Pettersson, Managing Director of Protek, commented, "The NHN Corporation, the largest company in the tech-heavy KOSDAQ market, has a proven track record in creating innovative and convenient online services."

"As part of their philosophy NHN wanted the best environment available and opted for the bespoke Protek system to control and regulate the working conditions while ensuring low energy costs and CO2 emissions in the working life of the building."

The Protek units use components and techniques which offer a high level of energy savings estimated at around 40% compared to other methods of air conditioning. Fast to install, the Protek system can save up to 15% in construction costs with the potential to shorten the 27 floor project programme by approximately 6 months.

Pettersson concluded, "What is interesting about securing this contract is that Hyundai, one of the world’s largest construction companies, based in a low cost manufacturing country, has asked Protek, a Swedish company to provide the air conditioning technology.

"It is reversing the well established trend for high cost manufacturing European countries looking to cheaper emerging economies, in the Far East, for ‘low cost’ manufactured products."

The decision by NHN and Hyundai Construction to use Protek low energy products reflects the move to consider whole life cycle costs, low energy and maintenance costs when choosing an air condition system.