Korean TV station MBC reported on the NHN Bundang Building in Korea, highlighting NHN’s philosophy in the working environment. The Protek Underfloor Airconditioning system plays a key role in the building design, flexibility, and the health of its environment to give NHN the comfort they believe is necessary to inspire and continue its success.

Here are just some of the quotes and findings from the Korean show:

  • “There are areas in the building for staff to talk with each other naturally whilst they sit down or even play with friends, they are acting exactly the way we intended. These spaces are in itself a great vitality to work in. It’s possible for more free and honest communication in these free spaces when relaxed and therefore new insights for business”
  • “The Building space is decorated exotically, I can hardly believe this is a building for work”
  • “Always thinking one step ahead of others, this company started as a small venture company, but grew to attract public attention. In 10 years after establishment this company grew to sales of 1.3 trillion won (1.3 billion $)”
  • “One of the things they think of is the ceiling of the office. Even if it takes time and money they have common consensus that ceiling height should be high enough. This company unlike other companies has no ceilings, so all the structure is exposed. So the ceiling seems higher, we measured the height. Wow it is over 3m, you may think this is common but if you compare to the other office you will know the difference, they are not designed much higher than 1.5m”
  • “This is a company that I really want to work for, I feel I would like to enter this company, I think this environment is really the best environment”
  • “Many spaces are very impressive, inside this building, there are lots of value pursued by modern technology and design, its design is for human beings moving around in here”
  • “Late evening, the company’s spaces are transformed brilliantly, its practice time for the Latin Dance Club of the company”.
  • “For staff of this company, the company is becoming a place they want to stay a little longer”
  • “The good news was delivered to this company one month; we got the best award at the recent 2010 Web Award Korea in the field of mobile information search sector. 15 teams got prizes in this competition”
  • “Creative evolving office space has magical power that awakens peoples thoughts”